different types of motor used in robotics application.

    AC MotorsAC Motors
    Motor which requires AC current.
    DC MotorsDC Motors
    Motor which requires DC current.
    Brushless MotorsBrushless Motors
    DC motor without the brushes.
    Better but more expensive than regular DC motors.
    How to Waterproof a ServoHow to Waterproof a Servo
    Learn how to waterproof a servo.
    Linear MotorsLinear Motors
    Brushless motor with an X-Y plane actuation.
    Modify Servo TutorialModify Servo Tutorial
    Modify your servo for 360+ degree continuous rotation.
    Servo TutorialServos
    Basic DC motor with built in feedback control.
    Affordable and easily available.
    SMA's (Muscle Wire)SMA's (Muscle Wire)
    Special materials which change shape when energy is applied
    (thermal, electrical, etc.).
    Binary high torque high speed push/pull actuator.


    Stepper Motor TutorialStepper Motor Tutorial
    Incremental step rotation mot