Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Build a robot ant that can be remote controlled or operate autonomously. Using an infrared detector, it can find and pick up objects. It is controlled by a Picaxe 20x-2 microcontroller.

While this is a fairly intricate robot, some of the motor techniques and circuits can be used for other simpler robots.

This instructable shows how to:

1-Use a Picaxe controller to receive remote control signals from a standard universal TV remote.

2-Use a Picaxe controller to interface with an infrared distance sensor.

3-Send serial commands to a serial motor controller or serial servo controller.

4-Make a simple one servo robot gripper.

The video shows the robot using infrared to locate and pick up a wooden block. It also shows that like most ants, the robot ant has a certain disdain for its puny human masters.

for more information or video click on  the below link