Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Home Automation With Jarvish ...by ujash patel

Jarvis is open source software the software is created to open internal files and human interface with speech recognition....by using visual studio program with this software i am able to control on and off action of external bulb which is connected to arduino(with relay) board ...so finally i made jarvis to control external hardware ...here i post a video demo of my work with jarvis ,..

still i am Researching on Artificial intelligent system with Visual studio ...As i mention in this topic this open source Jarvis only program for computer guidance but by combine with visual studio program i give it power to control external hardware ....

but the condition is that the control action must be in one side only ...so if we want to make a artificial system that read data , analysis data ..then this program is not useful for that ...so for that i am Researching  on the console application in visual basic and c# with speech recognition ..